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Nima Denzongpa TV Series Colors Wiki/Wikipedia/Review:

  • Nima Denzongpa is a new serial available on Colors TV and brings a fresh new story.
  • The launch date (release time) of Nima Denzongpa’s series is scheduled for August 2021.
  • Nima Denzongpa Casting Information Assamese actress Surabhi Das will play the role of Nima in the show.

The Story of Nima Denzongpa Nima Denzongpa is based on the life of a northeastern girl named Nima who falls in love with Maharashtra.

Nima Denzongpa

Serial Name Nima Denzongpa (निमा डेंझोनगपा)
Main Cast Surabhi Das
Akshay Kelkar
Other Cast Usha Naik
Ravya Sadhwani
Sharmila Rajaram Shinde
Asmi Deo
Sonakshi Batra
Chandrahas Pandey
Chaitrali Shankar Rode
Bhairavi Vaidya
Genre Drama
Language Hindi
Director Sangieta Rao
Creator Vivek Bahal
Producer Nisar Parvej
Alind Shrivastava
Editor Ganga Kacharla
Parmesh Kacharla
Story Anantika Sahir
Screenplay Anantika Sahir
Dialogues Rishabh Kunzru
Background Music Sarthak Nakul
Distributor Colors TV
Production House Peninsula Pictures
Set Designer Vinod Bagh
Dialogue Rishabh Kunzru
DOP Kunal Kadam
Costume Designer Niyati Pathak
Ruchi Pathak
Casting Director Taranvir Singh
Asad Shaikh
Creative Team Dhananjay Gaur
Creative Director Mudu
Channel Name Colors TV

However, Nima will have to face some serious issues arising from the racial discrimination in Maharashtra.

Nima Denzongpa is one of the victims of many trolling but she will fight all battles to change the way people think.

In this article, we will provide you with information about the entire cast and crew. We will also discuss the upcoming story, latest gossip, new spoilers and upcoming twists in Nima Denzongpa. The Nim Denzongpa series.

Nima Denzongpa Series/Promo/Written Updates/Reviews/Latest News

Nima Denzongpa Serial is a drama serial to be aired on Colors TV starring Surabhi Das.

Nem Denzongpa’s series is a new exciting story about the discrimination faced by Northeastern citizens across the country.

Nimma is a girl from the Northeast and decides to relocate to Maharashtra to be closer to her lover.

What she receives is taunting and teasing from others because of her appearance, which has a negative effect on her daily life.

Based on the comments in the Nima Denzongpa series, Nima will face various problems in the city and feel lonely.

According to Nima Denzongpa’s latest promo, Nima is not going to give up and is determined to make his own mark in the company.

Let’s see how Nima’s story inspires viewers in the upcoming episodes of Nima Denzongpa (Hindi niimaa ddenzongpaa).

Will Nima Denzongpa be off the air in the near future? Surabhi Das breaks the silence

There is a news that Surabhi Das and Iqbal Khan starrer Nima Denzongpa will go off air soon. In the past, Surabhi used to talk about the news.

Colors Television’s Nima Denzongpa first aired in August last year. Featuring Surabhi Das and Iqbal Khan in lead roles, the show keeps entertaining the audience with its interesting twists and turns. However, there are indications that this show may go off air in the near future. Colors TV recently revealed that their new show Pishachini will go on air on August 8 and will air at 10 pm. Viewers believed they heard that the news of Nima Denzongpa’s disappearance from the air was real

However, recently Surabhi Das revealed her opinion on the news while discussing the issue on Indian forums. She said: “As far as I know, the show is not on air. We are shooting continuously and there has been no notification from the production house or the channel that the show will be taken off air.”

In the past, Akshay Kelkar was the male lead in Nima Denzongpa. But after Iqbal Khan’s entry, Akshay (Suresh) and Sharmila Shinde (Tulika) were removed from the show. However, their characters are back in the series and everyone is looking forward to the next twists that the creators have in store for us.

Talking about Suresh and Tulika’s return to the show, the actress said that she is very happy with their return as she has a strong relationship with them. Surabhi also stated that there will be many twists and turns in the show.

According to reports, Amar Upadhyay was supposed to be a part of Nima Denzongpa. However, it was later revealed that the show was in the process of being canceled and the actor would not be joining the show. Now that Surabhi refuses to believe the reports of the show being cancelled, let’s hope we get to see Amar Upadhyay on the show. The actor last appeared as a guest on Molkki, which was taken off air earlier this year.

In the past, Surabhi got a chance to perform on stage alongside Aamir Khan at Deewane Juniors. Surabhi says it was like a realization and.

Nima Denzongpa Serial Cast, Real Names Age Net Worth, Salary & Timing, Story & More

Nima Denzongpa Nima Denzongpa is an Indian Hindi social drama show that airs in India on Colors TV and digital platform Voot which launched on 23 August 2021. It features Surabhi Das and Iqbal Khan.

Nim Denzongpa Series Analysis: Start Date & Story Cast Real Names Birth Age Spouse Salary Net Worth Episode Salary Monthly Salary & Timing Awards & More

Nima Denzongpa Series Cast Who Stares in Nima Denzongpa TV Show?

Nima Denzongpa Serial Cast Nima Denzongpa is a Colors TV serial first aired on 23rd August 2021. Many people don’t know about Nima Denzongpa Serial Cast. here are Nim Denzongpa serial cast details as well as characters complete with all details.

Series cast by Nima Denzongpa

The series was highly appreciated by the audience. Various genres are also available in serials. We have thriller, comedy, crime and the list goes on. Here we have checked some of the most watched Hindi serials that have been airing on Colors TV for some time now. You may have noticed it correctly. It’s Nim Denzongpa’s series. The cast, series and characters are trending on the internet. In the table below you will have information about the cast and also the nomenclature of their characters in Nima Denzongpa Hindi Serial.

Color TV series by Nima Denzongpa

Most series are focused on family drama and emotions. Nima Denzongpa is an episode for families. It is a Hindi serial which is telecasting on Colors TV from 23rd August 2021. Nima Denzongpa Hindi serial telecasts every Monday to Friday at 9 PM. Do you miss it on TV? Don’t worry, you can watch all the episodes on Voot.

Nima Denzongpa Colors TV Serial in Hindi

The language of Nima Denzongpa serial is Hindi. The serial airs every Monday to Friday through Colors TV. It is Nima Denzongpa Colors TV series which is now one of the most popular series among the viewers. You can watch your best Colors TV serials on TV or on respective OTT platforms.

Nima Denzongpa Serial Colors TV Heroine Name

Surabhi Das is the lead role on Surabhi Das is the lead character in Nima Denzongpa’s Hindi serial. He has played a number of roles in various serials. Her character in Nima Denzongpa is awe-inspiring and many adore her character in the series.

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