Aashiqana (Disney+Hotstar) with Serial Cast, Wiki, Story Release Date, Trailer & More

The money’s not over for a star kid: Aashiqana actor Zayn Ibad Khan

Television and Bollywood actors are classified the same way and the former is considered inferior when compared to the other. Zayn Ibad from the film ‘Aashiqana’ Khan is a person with his own opinions about the subject.

Television and Bollywood performers are all classified, and they are considered to be less famous when compared with the later. Many have stated that OTT is open to everyone and doesn’t discriminate against actors depending on the medium they’re portrayed on. Zayn Ibad Khan is an actress, plays the lead role in Aashiqana on Disney+ Hotstar and also shares his views.

Aashiqana Star Plus Serial Tv
Aashiqana Star Plus Serial Tv

I am interested to know who is their definition of them?

“I am interested to know who is their definition of them? I believe it’s the actor’s choice to work in the way they’d like. I think it is true that OTT is the channel by which we can communicate with the masses of viewers. It’s the choice of an actor and usually it’s determined by the circumstances and the circumstances. If actors arrive in Mumbai to pursue a career in acting and do not consider their work to acting only for the screen or in films. They will do whatever they can and when they’ve gained enough experience and are established enough, they decide to pursue one of the avenues ,”

With all the platforms producing diverse content, it’s more feasible to achieve your goals in acting, rather than what it was previously. “Journey to the world of showbusiness isn’t easy and wasn’t in the past and it isn’t it now. Since OTT became a reality the doors have been opened to everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s now easy. Some individuals may be popular in the beginning the course of their professional careers. However, it does not mean they’ll be able to maintain the pace. The hustle will always be there even if you’re a star youngster. ,”

In discussing how younger actors differ from experienced actors, Zayn says that he is also relatively new. “So I’m not sure about what’s the difference, but I’m guessing young minds are experimenting with new techniques and at times it can be fantastic. Of course, nobody can be more authentic and informed as an actor who has been around for a long time.” says the actor.

As with many other actors, the actor is also convinced that the OTT growth has led to the growth of television shows. Producers are now aware that viewers do not like the same old programming, however, they’re always looking for something new and fresh.

“TV has witnessed a major transformation. People are now looking for a sense of belonging and will definitely pick what they think to be important. As a person , and an artist, I love being as authentic and true as I am. I’m not convinced that the truth can be considered to be a crime. Truth is never condemned. If you believe in the illusion of denial, the situation could end up being an unforgiving experience for them, I’m sure” stated the author.

Aashiqana (Disney+Hotstar) with Wiki Story Release Date, Trailer & More

Aashiqana is a new show that was launched by Disney Plus Hotstar. The first episode will air each day on Hotstar. It’s a romantic thriller that tells the story of Love and love for an entire lifetime on Laal Rang.

The storyline of the show revolves around two hearts shattered by the fate of their lives who come together through the fateful power of destiny. Recently, the trailer of the show was released by Disney Plus Hotstar in which the protagonist is an officer of the police force engaged in his work along with a beautiful girl, and a serial killer.

The show’s title is based on The show’s theme follows the theme line Aashiqana in addition to Aaz The Badlega Jab Murder Barsega. The show was produced by Gul Khan who is a seasoned producer for Zee TV.

The show is starring Zain Ibad Khanand Khushi Dubey as the lead characters. It also stars Geeta Vul Deshpande, Tyagi Geeta Bisht Anshul Singh and Anshu Srivastava as key characters. Aashiqana will premiere in June, 2022 on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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Aashiqana actor Anurag Vyas has revealed his most favored actor’s name.

actor AnuragVyas currently on Gul Khan’s ‘Aashiqana series, has admitted that he’s a big fan of the famous actor Tom Cruise.

Actor Anurag Vyas , who is currently on Gul Khan’s series Aashiqana has admitted that he’s a huge admirer of actor Tom Cruise.

It’s his birthday today. Anurag says: ” Tom Cruise has been an inspirational figure to me and I’m a huge admirer. A single of the most significant lessons I’ve learned from him is his dedication to his work. While he’s a household name and successful to the entire world and beyond however, he’s known for arriving late to the stage, and he’s as committed to his work as he was when he started the professional world.”

“A large majority are content and content following some kind of success in their lives but this isn’t Tom Cruise. There’s a lesson to learn from his journey to seek out and keep a constant search for the things you desire. Keep your fire burning even while you’re still young and new in your career. Never accept less than the very best.”

Anurag Anurag, who began the acting profession with Aap Ke Aa Jane Se and later appearing as a screen actor on screen in Bhakharwadi, Dil Ye Ziddi Hai, Rakshabandhana Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal and many more who are awed by Tom’s philosophy to “go far and come home”.

He goes on to say: “Cruise however never stopped working, even during the tough times. His ability to focus on his work and not pay attention to any negative news is an admirable feat. His focus and determination has resulted in his career development over the past 10 years. People who succeed such as Tom Cruise always have the idea of ‘go large or else’. This is the reason why they’re capable becoming a household name in the entertainment industry.”

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